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padagogy-pageThe school program at INSPIRE, follows the principle of ‘INSPIRATION.’ To ensure that your child has a stimulating learning experience, we follow the ‘inspiration method’ which is largely strategizing teaching-learning methods through experiential learning which is synonymous with ‘Learning by doing’ approach. Varied aspects of a child’s personality are developed as they learn through playing games, puzzles, role-play, gardening, sports, music, dance, yoga and celebrations.

Supporting the research findings from neuro-cognitive psychology, which propagates that ‘learning can be facilitated’, believe that innovative teaching methods can inspire children to grow up to be active thinkers. The school curriculum encompasses activities specifically designed to take into account the needs of a child, ensuring development of language-skills, motor and cognitive skills, sensory development, embedding social skills and fostering creativity.

Our skilled and trained faculty are carefully selected and undergo consistent trainings to impart the best in education to the children.

Excellent teacher-child ratio is favorable for each child to get individual attention and care.

The curriculum provides every learner with sustainable opportunities to learn. At every stage the curriculum design and pedagogical practices make provisions for opportunities and experiences within and beyond the classroom to ensure that learning occurs.

The learning inputs at the primary level are general in nature and are based on the sound concept of ‘from simple to complex.’ Continuous assessment and daily observations for every child helps teachers strategize and chalk out an optimum learning-plan for them.

We understand that learning is multi-dimensional and multi-layered and thus, keeping the holistic development of the child in mind, at INSPIRE we integrate practical education with a structured academic curriculum to enrich their minds.