Inspire takes pride in proposing an innovative direction to early childhood education- a school where learning is joyful and teaching is a pleasure.
Inspiring to seek the Zenith

INSPIRE takes pride in proposing an innovative direction to early childhood education- a school where learning is joyful and teaching a pleasure. We believe in providing a learning environment that stimulates a child to explore and learn in welcoming ways. This helps to nurture thinking and creativity through fun-learning, in a loving and secure atmosphere.

Our philosophy is to create a supportive-system for each child through student-mentor bonds, where children feel comforted and reciprocated in an encouraging manner. Our Motto, ‘Inspiring to seek the Zenith!’, our focus is to provide for a school program where each child gets umpteen opportunities to explore and realize their complete potential. Respecting the fact that each child is unique, we aspire to lay a strong foundation from the early years of learning till they complete their elementary education.

At Inspire, it is our constant endeavour to help children develop rationale and a positive self-image, appreciate diversity and imbibe Life-Skills. “Play is often talked about as if it is a relief from serious Learning. But for children play is serious Learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”- Fred Rogers At Inspire, we support Learning through play as this helps children develop imaginative thinking, observation and perception as key skills.

The fun element associated with play activities aid physical, social and mental development of children, strengthening their self-confidence. Our aim is to provide for each child to be able to express themselves, to identify their talents and foster independence.

With a learner-centric curriculum, the learner is placed at the core of the learning-process. The teaching-learning process is not just confined to the internal setting of a classroom and transcends to ‘outside the class’ learning where conceptual understanding in integrated with play in ways that engage the child fruitfully. ‘Learning by doing’ is our ardent belief at INSPIRE and so children are given adequate room to experiment, discover and create with ample resources provided under nurturing guidance.
Our mission at INSPIRE is to provide exceptional teaching standards and excellence in all aspects of learning. We strive towards motivating children to acquire skills & knowledge & encourage them to practice values and believe in good. We celebrate their achievements with joy and enthusiasm.
To help children prepare for a volatile world and emerge as global citizens, at INSPIRE, we incorporate aspects into the curriculum that promote international mindedness, yet, educating the children about their own diverse culture and traditions. Helping children visualize and think out-of-the box, we take pride in preparing children for future stages of learning by allowing them to grow and develop mentally and physically through reading, writing, playing and exploring in a conducive environment.
At Inspire, we look at parents as our mutual partners in the development of children and engage them in the learning process. We encourage parent volunteers to share talks and informative sessions from their area of expertise with children physically to help them get hands on learning of the physical world outside school. Suggestions and feedback from parents are more than welcome always! The school provides for regular feedback shared with the parents regarding their child’s progress and development.

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