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Baisakhi Celebration– A special assembly was organized for celebrating Baisakhi on April 13, where children conveyed the significance of the harvest festival and how this special day portrays the unanimity of harvesters in Punjab. Children set the stage ablaze with vigour, clad in traditional attire and putting forth a foot-tapping performance with rhythmic feet. As a part of Craft activities, children created bright yellow and green corn-cobs and took the same as take-aways to share the spirit of festivity with parents.



World Chocolate Day:

Scrumptious Chocolates light-up anyone’s day and so on 7 July , the school compound bustled with energetic chirpy voices of excited children who were celebrating the World Chocolate Day.’ The day was marked with a plethora of activities under ‘Fireless cooking.’ Students of Grade Nursery and Prep had super fun with baking a chocolate-cake and chocolate apple doughnuts during which children learnt vocabulary around baking and finally tasting mouth-watering treats. Children of grade 1 tried their hands on making Choco-balls which were garnished with colourful sprinklers. No Fire cooking activities helped the children to discover the joy around cooking and helped them identify utensils, ingredients and methods involved in a fun way. The second graders explored the process of manufacturing chocolate and prepared an informative wall-collage for the same.

Easter Celebration– In order to help the children to understand global communities as part of the international curriculum, Easter was celebrated in school on April 15 with utmost zeal. Children were curious to explore the significance of the festival which symbolizes hope and renewal in life. Wearing Easter-bunny head-gears, children hopped and danced to collect Easter-eggs in their baskets. A giant craft Easter-egg was designed by the children using strokes of colourful hand-impressions and finger painting. The celebration helped children attain international mindedness and respect for a culture other than their own, thus bringing about an understanding of global community celebrations. Happy Easter Everyone!

Educational Visit & Parent Engagement: It’s all about Superheroes!
As a part of the IEYC Unit of work at Inspire International Pre-Primary School, where children are exploring the world of superheroes through the IEYC unit of work, ‘To the Rescue’ in a fun way learnt about community superheroes through superhero-city set-up role-play and circle-time activities. They extended their learning through an educational-visit to a fire-station on 12 September  to understand the role of a fire-fighter, a community superhero. In amazing ways children saw a demonstration of a fire-truck in action and enjoyed hopping on to explore its different areas as guided by professionals. Learning in an actual fire-station brought warm smiles on the children’s faces and awesome learning to their minds. In order to strengthen the same, a special session was organized on 14 September at school through parent engagement in the learning process, with a talk around community superheroes. Parents from five different professions, doctor, army, police, dentist and lawyer shared their experiences with the children and answered their curious questions. Children gifted self-made thank-you cards to all expressing their gratitude towards real superheroes of the community who set an example for all to follow. It was a superb feeling to see real learning happening for every child, The IEYC Inspire way!