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Class IV

International Plastic Bag Free Day

At Inspire, students are constantly sensitized about little efforts that can be made to safeguard the environment. In view of the same, 3rd July 2023 was observed as International Plastic Bag Free Day. Special activities were planned for students from Grade 1 to 5. In a fun-filled way, students of Grade 1 and 2 made compelling 3D reusable book covers with ripped plastic bags on one side and paper bags that should replace them on the other, conveying the powerful message of how we must make the right choice. While students of Grade 3 made paper-bags with slogans, students of Grade 4 were engaged in poster-making activity. Fifth Graders created a bulletin board display imparting the message, ‘Let’s make effort to reduce our plastic footprint on the planet!’ Activities such as these help the students to take the onus of the cause towards which all have a collective responsibility as a community. SAY NO TO PLASTIC







SEWA Project

At Inspire, SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work and Action) as an area of learning encourages students to understand and explore ways of working towards a community cause. Under Sewa,in the first quarter of the session, students explored UN SDG-6, ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ through circle-time discussions, research and group projects. A handwash drill was organized for little learners from Grade 1 as teachers discussed ways to keep oneself clean and safe. Grade 2 students worked in groups, exploring various sources of water and created 3D modals of the same, bringing to life the threats posed by man. Students from Grade 3 made personal hygiene kits and wrote postcards to the Chief Minister urging him to appeal to people to use each drop of water judiciously. Students of Grade 4 created 3D modals of water purification system and rainwater-harvesting. Students of Grade 5 conducted research on national and international organizations working towards the cause like Water-Aid India, Genoa Black and created information brochures of the same. Learning through community-based projects help students think critically about the challenges the society faces today, fostering the creativity of each child involved. At Inspire, we hope to nurture responsible members of the future communities.



Learning through Mind-Mapping!

As a special activity to develop student thinking skills and self-expression, a special activity was conducted under Language-Arts called ‘What’s in a Name?’

Teachers planned brainstorming sessions with students, where discussion was conducted around various aspects related to the central idea, ‘A Name.’ Amidst laughter, fun and serious thinking, teachers guided the discussion from name and my identity to traditions of name-keeping, what makes a name a celebrity, fun around nick-names. All the student responses were recorded by teachers and students themselves in the form of mind-maps. Students created interesting hashtags merging their parent names and used their imagination in choosing a name for themselves if they had a different nationality. It was a treat to watch the learners participate enthusiastically, sometimes agreeing and sometimes challenging the other’s opinion, collaborating with each-other and learning in the process. The activity ended with an individual self-assessment attempted by each child. By the end of the day, all children cheered out loud about the power of a Name!

World Conservation Day

Taking on the role of crusaders of Nature, on 28 July 2023, circle-time discussions were set abuzz with discussions at school around the importance of preserving natural resources and the need to safeguard nature. Students displayed messages on placards around the school compound on themes like ‘Conservation of resources’, ‘No plastic for me’ and ‘Take Responsibility!’ Students from Grade 3 and 4 prepared an awareness wall on Renewable and Non-Renewable resources and endangered species. A poster-making activity was conducted for Grade 5 on the theme ‘Safe-guarding Our Biodiversity.’  This was followed by a pledge taken by the students, promising to be the champions of change and initiating it by altering personal habits that sum up to saving natural resources. A pinboard was created by students for all to ponder and reflect upon and to encourage all to join hands to the cause.



National Handloom Day:

On 7th August 2023, on National Handloom Day, teachers conducted discussion on how, the Swadeshi movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi on the same day during the freedom struggle. A fun activity was planned for students and the school compound buzzed with excitement as students of Grade 4 and 5 were all set to participate in an exciting dress designing competition. Students were encouraged to use traditional fabrics, lace, buttons and other material to create their unique dress design. In amazing ways, students showed their creative side and imagination. The best three designs were awarded prizes and certificates. Cheers to creativity!






Janamashtami & Grandparent’s day:

On 5th September 2023, the school compound was submerged in sheer splendour, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna through the Janamashtami Celebration. It was a wonderous sight to see little Krishnas and Radhas clad in traditional clothes, ready to embrace the stage, presenting foot-tapping dance performances. Fifth graders presented ‘Geeta-updesh’ as scared teachings from the divine God himself through a vivid enactment of the scene from the battleground in Mahabharata. Third and Fourth Graders presented a captivating skit on ‘Facets of Krishna’ showcasing episodes from the life of Shri Krishna. Students from Grade 2 mesmerized the audience through a yoga presentation depicting Dashavataras of Lord Vishnu. The School Choir touched everyone’s heart through the melodious composition ‘Shri Krishna Govind’’ praising Krishna, the all- pervasive. A classical dance performance was put forth by fourth graders as a joyous depiction of gokulwasies charmed by the glory of the divine. Beautiful craft-work of students was displayed in the form of flutes, matkies, mukuts, mor-pankh and wall-hangings. Grandparents, who were invited for the event applauded the efforts of students as they felt proud of how the school program inculcates the understanding and appreciation of the Indian culture. The day memorable for the grandparents as fun games were organized for them. The day concluded with all children pulling the swing for Ladoo-Gopal with tender hands, participating in Krishna-Aarti and tasting Prasad in praise of BaalGopal.



Hindi Diwas

In attempt to help children understand the magnificence of Hindi as a language, 14th September 2023 ‘Hindi Diwas’ was observed at Inspire. Grade 5 presented a special assembly on the splendour of the language and how it occupies a special place in our country and on the world stage at the same time. Children in a vivid manner presented Hindi poetry on stage as ‘Kavita-ras’ and teachers helped them to create ‘shabd-seedi’, ‘dino ke naam’, ‘hindi bhasha ke swaroop’,’ hamare rashtriya prateek’and ‘pustak aavaran’. This not only helped children use their creative minds but also helped them enhance their overall liking towards the subject. Hindi Diwas encourages each child to inculcate respect for the language and helps them understand how languages contribute to civilized societies. Salutations to Hindi, Our Mother Tongue!