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Fitness & Hygiene

sports-pageAt Inspire, we strongly believe that children’s health is an integral part of their emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual well-being and is supported by paying attention to these aspects. It is crucial that their needs are met and that their feelings are accepted. We aim to build upon an environment where children enjoy relationships, feel secure and supported. It is our constant endeavour to help children feel positive about themselves and others.

In order to promote the same, the school curriculum is designed around the following philosophy:

    •  Physical agility and fitness: A key part of wellbeing is physical health and we ensure that our students get ample fresh air and age-appropriate exercise. With professional coaches and specific training programs, we provide adequate exposure to students through a wide range of physical activities like running and free-play, Yoga, skating, Taekwondo, Table-Tennis, indoor-games and horse-riding.
    • Emotional wellbeing: By fostering teacher-mentor relationships with students, we focus on strengthening a child’s emotional quotient. Circle-time activities and COGLOM sessions built around positive one to one or group discussions help children to share their feelings and find answers to their thinking minds within a safe space.
    • ‘Quiet time’: As a school practice, children are encouraged to use ‘quiet time’ sessions to value their leisure time. We aim to promote the skill of ‘self-reflection’ as a skill which children carry on for life.
    • Encouraging creativity and expression: Through a plethora of co-curricular activities as a part of the curriculum, students are provided a pedestal to showcase their innate talents and are guided to hone them further. Activities pertaining to visual and performing arts, Language-Arts, Oration, Technology and design thinking help children learn each day.
    • Outdoor fun and recreation: Under the watchful eyes of teacher mentors, students are given suitable recreational breaks which help them build upon their focus and helps channelize their energy in positive directions. We believe that learning through play is fruitful and help children acquire mindfulness.
    • Hygiene: At Inspire, cleanliness and hygiene are top-priority. Specialized and verified personals are appointed for the same. School-sanitization and Fumigation is done on a regular basis.
    • Medical Supervision: A qualified medical attendant is present at all times in the school to provide medical help in any situation. Children are constantly monitored for physical fitness and age-appropriate development through regular communication between the school and the parents.
    • Healthy and nutritious mid-day meals are served to the students.