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At Inspire, we follow the tripod approach in learning with students, through curricular activities, events and celebrations of special days and festivals. A peek into the few events that are a part of the school calendar:

  • Colour Blossom Theme Days: Introducing colours to children in fun ways through ‘colour-day’ set-up and an array of fun-filled activities.
  • Story telling through puppetry: thematic stories to grab a child’s attention and value-based stories, capturing the children’s hearts and helping them learn important values for life.
  • National & International Observed special days: are celebrated to widen knowledge and understanding of the significance of days observed with interesting activities to scaffold the children’s learning.
  • Fruit Days: are celebrated to help children identify the nutritive value of fruits and add up to their over-all knowledge of the same through activities and tasting.
  • Happiness week: we believe that happy children learn the best. Through role-play and a wide range of activities, children break the monotony of routine by trying things that make them happy, learning all the way!
  • DEAR Days: ‘Drop Everything and Read’ sessions are a recurrent feature to help build up their reading skills, turning them into avid readers.
  • National Celebrations: are an integral part of the curriculum which embed a feeling of pride and patriotism in each child’s heart, inculcating the motto, ‘Country First’.
  • Festive Celebrations: are celebrated with enthusiasm at various occasions during the year to help children appreciate the diversity and culture of their country.
  • Special Assemblies through Performing Arts: are organized to help children attain stage-exposure and hone their articulation skills, helping them strengthen grips on their surroundings.
  • Art Displays: are exhibited around the school compound to help children build upon a sense of imagination and creative perceptions in visual arts.
  • Sport & Fitness Events: are organized to help children appreciate body-fitness, balance and endow them with sense of achievement.
  • Inter-school competitions: Students are encouraged to take active part in inter-school competitions to build upon learning through positive competition.