A world class, comprehensive and practical curriculum delivering academic, personal and international knowledge, skills & understanding.

INSPIRE International Pre Primary School is following a U.K. based ‘International Early Years Curriculum’. It is a research based curriculum under Fieldwork Education that supports the implementation of our existing CBSE curriculum.

The school promotes international awareness in an international environment and provides best in terms of quality and structure. It offers an international style, national curriculum that emphasise on promoting global citizenship along with preserving the Indian tradition thus enabling the children to become lifelong learners.

The IEYC covers all subject areas and is built on the best global practice. It supports key areas of learning through approaches that are holistic, enquiry-led and play-based. It focuses on a process of learning that captures children’s natural curiosity as a starting point and balances child-initiated and teacher-scaffold provision within an enabling environment.

The IEYC is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum with specific learning goals for international mindedness and for personal learning based on the IEYC personal goals of cooperation, enquiry, adaptability, communication, thoughtfulness, respect, resilience and morality. Each unit covers a range of themes which are relevant and appropriate for different age groups. The unit about ‘Stories ‘enable the children to build their imagination thereby helping them to develop their skills of prediction, empathy and language.

The education is delivered by a qualified and certified faculty in a generous and effective way helping children to make exceptional progress with their

Guided by international and evidenced-based research, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) supports the holistic development of learners aged 5-11 years old with enjoyable, relevant, and rigorous learning, preparing them to be globally competent, socially conscious, and motivated individuals that positively contribute to the world they live in.

IPC offers a holistic approach to learning that integrates multiple subjects, encourages inquiry-based learning, and promotes the development of key skills, knowledge, and understanding across various disciplines. The IPC covers a broad range of subjects, including, science, geography, history, art, international understanding, design technology and innovation, music and health and wellbeing.

Owing to the IPC’s planned progression of learning, children’s long-term memory is developed, to ensure they remember golden nuggets of information for each subject and developing subject specific skills. Lessons are taught in a logical progression, systematically and explicitly enough for all pupils to acquire and build on their knowledge, skills and understanding. Lessons follow a recognisable sequence:

  • an immersive entry-point and a knowledge-harvest.
  • an introduction to the sequence of learning tasks, through the introduction of the big picture including the unit outcome.
  • sharing a knowledge organizer, of the units lead subject and associated vocabulary. 
  • undertaking a range of learning tasks across subjects.
  • taking part in an exit point celebratory activity

Designed to be engaging, rigorous and enjoyable for primary-aged learners, the IPC embraces the transformative nature of learning with the goal of improving learning for all.