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Class V

Maped Art Competition:

Nurturing Artistic strokes- MAPED India Interclass Art Competition

At Inspire International Pre-Primary School, we constantly aim to nurture the latent talents of children, encouraging them to imagine and create. Keeping this in mind, an art competition was organized by the school in collaboration with MAPED India on 29 August  for students of Nursery till grade 5. It was an enchanting sight to see students of Nursery and Prep colouring on printed sheets, using an array of colours as per their imagination with a focus on colouring in a single direction and within the boundary creating vibrant pictures. Students from grade 1 to 5 used their artistic minds to create a picture around themes like the beautiful sea-world, toon-world, exploring space, literacy and incredible India. It was a mesmerizing feeling to see children weave their unique ideas with the threads of imagination, vivid-perception and creativity. To applaud and encourage the efforts of the children, winners from each form were awarded gifts and certificates from MAPED India. The activity was highly appreciated by the school-parent community as through this not only do children learn, but are also involved in expressive thinking through a platform to exhibit their skills. Art, a pleasure always at INSPIRE!


Ganesh Chaturthi:

31 August , at Inspire students were all set to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. A story-telling session was organized by the teachers in their classes related to Lord Ganesha and circle-time discussions were conducted on how Lord Ganesha is associated with auspicious beginnings. Craft activities were conducted by the art department in all classes where children created a huge colourful paper-Ganesha, Ganesha face-masks, 3 D Ganesha, leaf-Ganeshas. Students of prep and grade 5 tried hands on making modak under fireless cooking which was offered as prasad to all.













Van Mahotasava Week:

An entire week from July1-July 7 was dedicated in educating children about the significance of growing and planting trees. As champions of change, children were sensitised about how the green cover of the planet is reducing and it is time to act now. Students from Grade Nursery and Prep tied friendship bands to trees, befriending them. First and second graders were encouraged to hug trees and adopt a plant, nurturing it with each passing day. While children from Grade 3 prepared leaves with paper-folding and wrote little messages as ‘leafy good reads’, the fourth graders tried hands on dry leaf art with messages for the readers. Children from Grade 5 created an awareness wall on ‘Chipko movement’ with slogans and pictures. As India celebrated the Van Mahotsava week, our wonderous children from Inspire pledged to carry the cause forward through thought and action. Awesome Learning!


Teacher’s Day: September 5

September 5,  was made memorable by the students as they expressed their love and gratitude for their teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day at Inspire. The day started with a special assembly where students and staff paid tribute to the school’s Founder Chairman Sir, Hon’ble Dr. V.K Bhatnagar and to the founder Principal & Director, Mrs. Mamta V. Bhatnagar, under whose vision and mentorship, the school has blossomed to its core. Expressing their gratitude, students and staff paid floral tribute to them and created hand-made cards for them. It was a heart-warming sight to see children present cards and thank-you messages to their dear teachers, thanking them for the innumerable ways in which they guide children. Fun-games were played in classrooms and children enjoyed watching 3D theatre. A day as this helps children to understand the role of teachers as pivotal in the making of human character, starting from a tender age to adulthood. It encourages children to value the student-teacher relationship as the core of the education process.







Dusshera Celebration: 30 September

The festival of Dusshera was celebrated with zest and enthusiasm at Inspire on 30 September. The celebration started with the auspicious lighting of the lamp which narrators taking charge of the stage, initiating the celebration with a performance by second and third graders who presented ‘Who is Ram!’ through yoga asanas. A soulful musical performance was presented by students of grade 4 singing ‘Ram-bhajan’, immersing everyone in sacred fervour. A dance depicting the nine aspects of ‘Ma Durga’ described the significance of navratras followed by feet-tapping dandiya performance by students of grade 5. An enactment of the story of Ramayana from birth of Lord Rama to ravana-vadh was depicted through dances and skit. Students of grade 1 brought forth the naughty side of ‘bal-hanumana’ and how he is adored by children and adults alike. Invited parents appreciated the performances of students and expressed their gratitude towards the school for making childrenstay rooted and aware of their traditions. It was a blissful day for parents, teachers and children.














National Sports Day:

Sports being an integral part of the school curriculum, On the occasion of National Sports Day, students at Inspire International Pre-Primary School dedicated an entire week from August 22- August 28 to the field of ‘Sports.’ It was a week full of fun and learning as children were engaged in a plethora of activities around Sports. Circle-time discussions comprised of talks about national and international sports-personalities who have made a mark in their respective sport and the qualities that helped them do the same. Students, through a special assembly shared their research done about specific sports and presented it on stage in a vivid manner. The week was divided amongst different age groups of children for fun-races comprising of sack-races, balance the ball, lemon-spoon, obstacle course, races on skates, hurdle and relay races. Children also exhibited taekwondo tactics, conveying the idea of intelligent self-defense. Fourth and fifth graders showcased ‘mindful-yoga’ and explored the power of fit mind in a flexible body. Children enjoyed rounds of table-tennis, chess and air-hockey as indoor sports. The overall aim of the sports week was to reinforce the importance of fitness, agility and body-control, simultaneously helping children learn life-skills of self-discipline, team-spirit and resilience along with a sense of achievement. Cheers to Sports!


Independence Day Celebration:

Immersed in patriotic fervour, students at Inspire International Pre-Primary School put forth zestful performances as a part of the Independence Day Celebration on 10 August . Wearing vibrant shades of the tri-colour, the children set the stage ablaze with feet-tapping dances and musical tributes. Students from Grade Nursery and Prep robbed away the hearts of the audience taking charge as little soldiers, dancing to the tunes of ‘Nanah-MunahRahinhoon’, while first and second graders swayed in tandem using tri-coloured balls proclaiming the message of unity aloud. Students from grade 3 paid a tribute to their motherland by singing in tandem to the tunes of ‘We are Indians,’ engaging the audience in the patriotic spirit. Fourth graders presented a glimpse of the training in self-defense with tactics learnt in Taekwondo, a presentation of agility and balance. Students from grade 5 presented a heart-warming enactment depicting the new face of modern India with a mix of classical and contemporary dance performances. With school celebrations as these, we intend to help children blossom through a holistic approach in education, where they stay grounded to their roots and culture, inculcate unity and patriotism and attain a sense of achievement at the same time, learning all the way!


Hindi Diwas:

In attempt to help children understand the magnificence of Hindi as a language, 14 September  ‘Hindi Diwas’ was observed at Inspire. Grade 5 presented a special assembly on the splendour of the language and how it occupies a special place in our country and on the world stage at the same time. Children in a vivid manner presented Hindi poetry on stage as ‘Kavita-ras’ and teachers helped them to create ‘shabd-seedi’, ‘dinoke naam’, ‘hindi bhasha keswaroop’,’ hamarerashtriyaprateek’and ‘pustakaavaran’. This not only helped children use their creative minds but also helped them enhance their overall liking towards the subject. Hindi Diwas encourages each child to inculcate respect for the language and helps them understand how languages contribute to civilized societies. Salutations to our mother-tongue!







International day of peace:

At Inspire, it is our constant endeavour to help our children understand the need of a peaceful world. International day of peace was observed on 21 September at school, engaging children in a talk about how the day is propagated by United Nations to promote world peace. Children made an awareness wall on this important day in school for all visiting the area. ‘ Pegion’, a symbol of peace was created by the children through craft, to capture the essence of the day. In a time where the world is inflicted with wars, the day helped children to value peace and take responsibility as peace ambassadors to make the world a better place.








International Chess Day:

On 20 July, on account of International Chess Day, the day was filled with excitement as children challenged their peers to play the game of chess. It was a wonderful sight to see little minds engaged in thinking and sharpening their moves in the game of chess. Circle-time discussions comprised of a talk about different pawns of the game, their specific moves and how different strategies can be used to defeat the opponent. Fifth graders conducted research about national and international players and compiled it as ‘My awareness wall of learning.’ A day dedicated to this game of sports, filled children with the understanding which they will carry for life. Cheers to Chess!


Janamashtami Celebration:

On 18 August, the school compound was submerged in sheer splendour, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna through the Janamashtami Celebration. It was a wonderous sight to see little Krishnas and radhas clad in traditional clothes, ready to embrace the stage on feet=tapping dance performances. Fifth graders presented ‘Geeta-updesh’as scared teachings from the divine God himself through a vivid enactment of the scene from the battleground in Mahabharata. Third graders presented a captivating skit on ‘makhan-chor’Krishna. Students from Grade 2 and 3 presented the story of ‘Krishna &Kaliya’ through yoga asanas, mesmerizing the audience. Students from grade 5 touched everyone’s heart through the melodious composition ‘AchutamKeshavam’ praising Krishna, the all- pervasive.A classical dance performance was put forth by fourth graders as a joyous depiction of gokulwasies charmed by the glory of the divine.Beautiful craft-work of students was displayed in the form of flutes, matkies, mukuts, mor-pankh and wall-hangings. The efforts of students were applauded by parents who were invited as guests to the school through heart-warming messages and feedback, making the day memorable for everyone.Jai Shree Krishna!