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activites-page-1‘All work and no play. make Jack a dull boy!’. From playing slides, cars, bouncer-balls, play-dough to abacus and gardening, an array of educational activities are provided to the students to enhance their learning experience.

To facilitate holistic education, various activities are integrated in the curriculum and are given equal weightage in the time-table as any other subject.

To name a few, at INSPIRE we have facilities for various engaging activities such as:

  • Gardening at Kid’s Garden area
  • Performing Arts: Music- vocal & instrumental

  Dance- contemporary/fusion

  Theatre& Role-play

  • Visual Arts: drawing & shading, craft-work, poster-making, student exhibitions
  • Free-play: recreational-play, sand-pit, Splash-pool, mind-building indoor games.
  • Leisure-time activities- Read-O-Drills, newspaper- activities, word-power, creative writing
  • Circle-time discussions & activities- express yourself mike activities, group discussions, team projects.
  • Fitness & Well-Being: meditation, yoga, athletics, sport-activities.
  • Cookery- Cooking without fire, healthy snack making, visits to veggie mart.
  • Educational visits
  • Happiness activities
  • Life-Skills & moral education through story-telling, puppetry and role-plays
  • Patriotic activities

The above primarily serves as a means to develop self-expression, excellent motor-skills, language-proficiency, social & emotional skills and enhances self-confidence.