• Inspire : Inspiring to seek the zenith


padagogy-pageThe early learning program at INSPIRE, follows principle of ‘Inspiration’. To ensure your child has a stimulating, exciting, learning experience we follow the ‘inspiration’ method which is largely exploring alternative teaching and learning methods & encourages activity based; “learning by doing”. Here the students learn while playing games, doing practical tasks, solving puzzles, role-play, gardening etc.

Research of neuro-cognitive psychology is on the way how brain functions and how learning takes place indicate that “learning can be facilitated”. With such innovative methods, we hope to inspire the minds of our young pupils to make them active thinkers. All these activities have been designed taking into account the needs of your child and to ensure development of language, motor & cognitive skills, sensory development, social & emotional thinking, creativity etc.

Our highly skilled teachers are assessed on numerous parameters, and are provided special training to ensure effective teacher learning.

Excellent teacher student ratio enhances personalized learning experience.

Curriculum provides every learner with sustained opportunities to learn. At every stage the curriculum design and pedagogy make provisions for opportunities and experiences within and beyond the classroom to ensure that learning occurs.

The learning inputs at the primary level are general in nature and are based on the sound concept of “from near to far”.

We understand that bearing is multi-dimensional and multi- layered and thus, keeping the holistic development of the child in mind, at INSPIRE we believe in integrating practical education with a refined academic curriculum to enrich and stimulate their minds.