• Inspire : Inspiring to seek the zenith

About Us

about-pageINSPIRE takes pride in proposing an innovative direction to early childhood education – a nursery school where learning is joyful and teaching a pleasure. Our stimulating environment is welcoming, fun and creative, with love and friendship accompanying our children at every step.

Built around the philosophy “INSPIRING TO SEEK THE ZENITH”, INSPIRE offers a nursery school program where we work towards exploring the highest potential of each child, believing each child to be unique. We aspire towards enhancing the desired early childhood skills that lead to strong, mature and happy minds. INSPIRE lays a strong, solid foundation that helps in developing positive self-esteem by instilling confidence in the students.

PLAY is the central activity in a child’s life. At INSPIRE, we believe in learning through play by allowing children to express their individuality & talents, and fostering different abilities in children. We focus on the overall development of children—social, emotional, physical and intellectual, by providing a vibrant, nurturing learning environment and encouraging them to become passionate lifelong learners and confident global citizens.

The INSPIRE curriculum is learner -centric, which supports the needs of an individual learning style of the child. The teaching – learning process is not just confined to the internal setting of a classroom but is also extended to the safe and stimulating outdoor play area. We all learn best through doing and INSPIRE provides unlimited opportunities to explore, experiment and discover with hands-on resources and material, all provided under nurturing guidance.

Our mission at INSPIRE is to provide exceptional teaching standards and excellence in all aspects of learning. We strive towards motivating children to acquire skills & knowledge & encourage them to practice values and believe in good. We celebrate their achievements with joy and enthusiasm.

To prepare children to face the ever-changing challenges of tomorrow, INSPIRE aims at developing physical skills through games, fitness and creative skills by enhancing out-of-the-box thinking. We also aim at preparing our children for future stages of learning by allowing them to grow and develop through reading, writing, learning, playing and exploring in a creative environment.

At INSPIRE, we consider parents as an integral part of our institution & we involve them in our education process. We update them with regular feedback and information about the child’s growth and development.

To support our vision, we bring together our teachers, students and parents who are passionate about education for periodical meetings and together we provide the best possible learning environment for our little toddlers.